First-ever Supplant Chocolate Bar Launches in New York

We’re excited to announce that food journalists and media tasted the first-ever chocolate bars made with Supplant™ sugars from fiber in New York City on November 10.

Celebrated American Chef Thomas Keller, who developed the milk and dark chocolate bars with his own recipe, showcased the treats at Per Se, his three-Michelin-star Manhattan restaurant.

The Supplant Company CEO and Founder Tom Simmons joined him for the event, as did team members from both The Supplant Company and the Thomas Keller Group.

Attendees enjoyed the taste of the bars, made with a combination of sugars from fiber and other natural ingredients, including Venezuelan cocoa and whole dairy milk.

The Supplant Company’s Tom Simmons was first to ceremonially peel back the foil from a bar, commenting that the moment represented the culmination of months of hard work, and the beginning of something much bigger.

“We’re proud to launch these chocolate bars today, but we’re even more excited about the future,” Simmons said. “With these chocolate bars, we’re helping to make agriculture more productive, and to preserve biodiversity by displacing other types of sugar production. And we’re making the food system more sustainable, by getting the most out of otherwise low-value or unused plant fiber.”

As they enjoyed and savored the bars, many attendees commented that they couldn’t tell the difference between The Supplant Company chocolate and others.

While the chocolate bars were the star of the evening, Chef Keller introduced other foods made with sugars from fiber as well, including onion tarts, artisanal ketchup, and even baked beans.

“Sugars from fiber isn’t just for chocolate,” Simmons said. “There’s potential for using it in savory dishes, sauces, and dressings, as well as in baked goods. I love that it’s so versatile, and that it can let people enjoy so many of the foods they love, without compromise.”

The limited-edition chocolate bars are available online now. Look for them at your favorite grocery store, health food store, or wellness retailer in the New Year.

“We are so excited to be able to bring sugars from fiber to the United States,” said Simmons.

To buy the chocolate bar visit For more information about The Supplant Company or sugars from fiber, visit or follow us on Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.




Supplant™ sugars from fiber is a brand new blend of sugars found naturally in plant fiber

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The Supplant Company

The Supplant Company

Supplant™ sugars from fiber is a brand new blend of sugars found naturally in plant fiber

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