Introducing: The Supplant Chocolate Bar

Dark and Milk Varieties Made With Chef Thomas Keller’s Recipe

Supplant sugars from fiber are now available in premium chocolate bars.

We’re proud to be the first company to bring sugars from fiber to the consumer market. In doing so, we hope to spark a revolution within the consumer food industry.

We’re debuting a set of limited-edition premium chocolate bars, available direct to consumers for the holiday season. Both our luxurious dark chocolate and creamy milk chocolate versions are made with Supplant sugars from fiber.

We developed our exclusive recipe in collaboration with acclaimed Michelin-starred Chef Thomas Keller, who reimagined a famous recipe by replacing half the usual amount of cane sugar with sugars from fiber.

We wanted to show the world how delicious, time-tested recipes like this can be better for people, and the planet.

Sugars from fiber is a whole new category of sugar. It’s low in calories, has the properties of fiber, and acts like a prebiotic when digested. Made from upcycled plant fiber, it’s also good for the planet, especially biodiversity.

From Dr. Tom Simmons, founder and CEO of The Supplant Company:

“We’re thrilled to introduce these chocolate bars this holiday season, as the first of many better-for-you baked goods, desserts, and food items we intend to bring to market in the near future.”

Our patented process creates a unique blend of sugars, found naturally in plant fiber. It cooks, bakes, and caramelizes just like traditional refined sugar, opening the door for countless new treats, from chocolate bars to cookies, ice cream, and more.

Chef Thomas Keller has been working with Supplant sugars from fiber for more than a year. He showcased chocolate, cookies, and ice cream for customers from an ice cream truck at his famed Bouchon Bakery in Napa Valley last June, as part of The Supplant Company’s initial launch.

People couldn’t tell the difference between recipes made with sugar and ones made with sugars from fiber, and were enthusiastic about the possibilities that sugars from fiber represent.

Switching to other types of sugars can help reduce demand for sugarcane, a water-intensive crop that threatens biodiversity. Sugars from fiber also makes use of agricultural products that would otherwise be of low or no value for human use.

Agricultural side streams like wheat straw and corn cobs are abundant in natural fiber, but don’t typically make their way into the human food system. Using this material to create sugars from fiber can help reduce the negative climate and biodiversity impacts of agriculture.

All of this makes Supplant chocolate bars a timely holiday surprise for your foodie friends and family, environmentally-minded associates, or anyone who wants to feel good about helping the planet while enjoying their favorite treats.

“These chocolate bars are the product of many years of dedication to developing the process to make sugars that are better for your body and for the environment, combined with decades of extraordinary culinary expertise thanks to our partner, Chef Thomas Keller,” said Simmons.

“We’re thrilled to be able to share our efforts with consumers this season — and it’s a gift to the planet as well.”

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Supplant™ sugars from fiber is a brand new blend of sugars found naturally in plant fiber