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Want to try Supplant chocolate for yourself? Our milk and dark chocolate bars are just a click away.

Connecting with people who care about the planet and their own health inspires us — as we work every day to help make a more sustainable world, with delicious and indulgent treats. That’s why we made our delicious Supplant milk and dark chocolate bars, and why we’re so thrilled to share them with the world.

In fact, we were so excited about our new chocolate bars, we just had to share samples with some of our favorite food and lifestyle friends and folks. When they posted their thanks on Instagram, we were delighted to see how much they enjoyed our premium hand-crafted chocolate made with sugars from fiber.

Meet some of the folks we’re happy to connect with.

Ariel and Dominique Wilson — This power couple blogs about health, wellness, lifestyle, fashion, culture, finance, sex and relationships, and motherhood, all from the perspective of queer Black women. Their advice and insights on their thewordqueer site are spot-on, and their photos are gorgeous. And they clearly have excellent taste in chocolate bars!

Anne Assassi — Writing as the Diet Assasinista, Assassi is a food and nutrition blogger who’s the sassiest crusader against the idea of diets. Her recipe ideas, mouthwatering food posts, and smart philosophy — that “instead of dieting, you will be much more successful by incorporating healthy lifestyle habits into your everyday routine,” sounds like a recipe for success to us.

Image of Supplant Chocolate bars in plain wrappers.

Jessica Perkins — Based in Los Angeles, this blogger posts as ecological.ly, about all things sustainable, from circular economy to sustainable brands and lifestyle choices. We’re always inspired by her insights into how to live more sustainably, and especially her crusade against extra plastic packaging — which we, too, think is an unnecessary use of resources. Notice the packaging we sent out?

Lizz Spano — Over in New York City, hungryhippie Lizz is a food photographer who has a knack for making plates of delicious looking dinners look good enough to taste. We’re flattered that she put our milk and dark chocolate bar samples in front of her lens!

Marianne Natoli — We follow Marianne on TikTok as well as on Instagram, because her sense of humor and fun comes through in both places, and more is more, right? We think so, especially when it comes to chocolate!

We’re always glad to hear from our friends and fans. If you’re as excited to connect with us as we are to connect with you, why not give us a shout?

Want to try Supplant chocolate for yourself? Our milk and dark chocolate bars are just a click away.



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The Supplant Company

The Supplant Company

Supplant™ sugars from fiber is a brand new blend of sugars found naturally in plant fiber