Imagine if there was a completely new category of sugars available. One that tasted great, possessed all the properties and performance of cane sugar (like browning and caramelization), contained only half the calories and a healthy dose of fiber, and caused a lower blood sugar response in the body.

What if you knew that the prebiotic benefits of these new sugars called “sugars from fiber” could improve your digestive health, which is linked to a range of human health benefits including a more stable central nervous system, and improved mental and emotional health?

What if, additionally, this new category of…

There’s sugar and then there are sugars. And when it comes to food science and nutrition, it’s important to know the difference to understand what’s in your food.

Both sugar and sugars are listed on the labels of your favourite products, but in different places and with different and very specific meanings.

Sugars all together now

Sugars, plural, is the broadest term. Sugars are a category of simple carbohydrates and they’re found all over the place. They’re found in most plants, honey, and even milk. There’s fructose, a sugar found in fruits; sucrose, which is present in some vegetables; glucose, found in honey; lactose…

If you were to ask most people about the role that sugar plays in food production, most would say it’s a sweetener. While that’s true, sugar does so much more than sweeten. The amount of sugar in food production plays a core role in defining how a product looks and feels, as well as its taste.

Sugar science: the best class you never took

For example, because sugar is hygroscopic, it draws water from its surroundings and holds on to it. …

The food industry has spent decades searching for a healthy replacement for sugar. In that time, dozens of artificial and natural sweeteners have come to market, but none can do everything that sugar does.

And despite the serious health and environmental risks of sugar, our addiction to it isn’t going anywhere soon.

Humans are born with a preference for sweetness. That’s one reason why some form of sugar or sweetener is added to roughly 74% of packaged foods. One of the particular difficulties faced by the food industry is the ability to properly play the role of sugar in food…

The Supplant Company

Supplant™ sugars from fiber is a brand new blend of sugars found naturally in plant fiber

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